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Straining out gnats and swallowing camels.



July 17th, 2008

Our electric co-op sent an auger/cherrypicker truck to set 2 new poles at the back of our property today.  They have re-routed the neighbor's feed line around our yard and trees at our request, instead of across it.  Formerly it draped very low across the middle of my usable yard.  One day my 15yr old son was vacuuming the pool from the inside and lifted the aluminum pole handle up to reposition it.  I happened to look up and see how close the pole was to the power line and shouted "set the pole down now!"  Thank God my children were taught to obey now and ask questions later, as he responded instantly.  I then said, "Look up."  "Whoa," is all he quietly said!  Now my pool area is safe.  Incidentally, power lines are farther away from my son's HFantennas, too!   

I know you're thinking 'why did you put the pool there in the first place?'

Only level spot close to the house in the usable yard.

July 15th, 2008

rotator cuff rehab

Every so often, I overdo it with my exercising on that recuperating shoulder.  Then the pain is so maddening and I am afraid I have pulled the stitches loose, so I skip my routine for a couple of days, but the pain is no better.  Then when I start up the routine again gritting my teeth, the pain seems to ease up!  Can't quite predict it, or can't quite trust it!  I am a wimp!  Gotta go stretch the chicken wing again.  Sigh.  B'gok!

July 13th, 2008

Family found!

Aha!  It IS them!  Yippee!

Now jubilant really applies.  Seems like all the branches of our family tree spread out too far and have had a hard time connecting, or is it just my shaky branch?  Well the "Vine" connected us again.  Take that  both ways!


Shalom!  Blessed be the name of our Redeemer!

Trying to contact family members is like trying to swim the crawl in my dreams!__The arm goes up and over, but just won't come back to the starting point!__I just want to find you guys again.__We should start having a family reunion since the old get-togethers have died out.
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